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Mandy Woodland of Bristol, England has sent us these pictures of her whippets, along with information about each one.

BJ is four years old and 'adopted' us from JR Whippet Rescue Centre, England. He is an ex racing whippet although he was not very successful at that! He is a loving dog although can be quite 'scatty' at times.


Kes, the black whippet pictured below, is one year old - although in the picture he is only three months old ! He is the 'baby' of the family and quite literally gets away with everything !!!!
Luka with his ears up
Luka is two years old and looks quite 'alien' when his ears are stood up - just like on the photo!
BJ and Luka at Christmas
BJ and Luka at Christmas time waiting patiently for their presents!!!!!

Here are my 'boys' in relaxing mood - as you can see Kes the 'baby' is more 'relaxed' than most !!!!

Mandy has also been kind enough to share pictures in memory of two other whippets, Bas and Benji. Click here to read about Bas and Benji and to see their pictures.

If anyone would like to chat with Mandy about whippets, and share whippet stories and pictures, her email address is mandy@mandy-pat.freeserve.co.uk. She would love to hear from you!

This is Bailey, who was rescued by Dave and Tamara Amyot of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Bailey is half yellow Lab and half Whippet, although her personality traits are much more like a Whippet.

According to her family, Bailey is as fast as the wind and can jump to amazing heights. She is very affectionate but has a propensity to get into mischief when left alone at home. Like many whippets, she is very clever and strong willed. She has even learned how to escape from a "dog-proof" kennel!

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